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Vanna Belt

HARD.TIGHT. FIT VANNA BELT creates products for your quest for a smooth, defined, and tighter body. The Gel-V product line is the result of years of pursuit by founder and CEO Vanna Belt. Vanna is a fitness professional, Instagram sensation, and pop culture icon. She is well-known for her toned physique and gorgeous smooth skin. Both are a result of an active healthy lifestyle that includes diet, exercise, and one secret. In 2012, she decided to share, with the world, her secret to the flawless skin for which she is famous. That secret is a proprietary blend of healing and restorative botanicals that work together to tone and tighten loose skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. She began her company with the humble desire to help make everyone feel comfortable in their own skin. No one should have to resort to the drastic measures of cosmetic surgery. Vanna understands that the market is filled with products that over-promise and under deliver. Therefore, it has become the mission of Gel-V Corp to develop their products using a consumer results-driven approach. This ensures each product actually produces the results it promises. V-Gels and applicators are being used by everyone from new moms to professional athletes achieve their goal of healthier looking skin. Ingredients are of the highest quality and are ethically and sustainably sourced. The gels expertly combine natural components such as, menthol, seaweed, Gotu Kola, bladderwrack, and camellia Sinensis. V-Lifestyles is a full-service product line that includes all the components needed to help customers achieve their fitness goals. The V-Lifestyles brand includes the popular V-Belt waist trainers series. V-Bands resistance training exercise system. Revolutionary Trim-V Fat Burner. A supercharged nutritional supplement that uses a proprietary breakthrough formula to see results quickly. The newest and most exciting addition to our product line is the V-Style Nutrition Guide. This multifaceted 8-12 week roadmap is the backbone of any effective and sustainable diet and fitness regimen. V-Style personalization takes the guesswork out of "caloric intake guidelines, essential vitamin ratios, and target macros". It is all calculated based your individual profile and matched with your desired benchmarks. Gel-V headquarters is located in Doral, Florida. They serve customers all across the United States through a network of enthusiastic distributors and affiliates.

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